May. 13th, 2017

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 Third year on the SASO wagon as per it goes

This year, I am dying for a chance to write Ballroom e Youkoso and Teppuu, so if you are someone not on team Miki/Miyahara and looking to bait, please, I will do just about anything - especially for the girls.

Characters I like
  • YWPD - Manami, Miyahara, Miki, Aya, Onoda, [grits my teeth] teshima.  I also like trying to write for less popular characters and Almost Any Manami Relationship.
  • Ballroom - all the girls.  all of them.  But especially Chinatsu and especially chinatsu relationships.
  • Teppuu - Ringi, Natsuo, Yuzuko, Karin, and I'd try for others.

I will gladly jump on any -
  • Chinatsu / or & anyone.  I mean it.  (Ballroom)
  • Akira & Mako (Ballroom)
  • Ringi & Yuzuko (Teppuu)
  • Ringi/Natsuo (Teppuu)
  • Miyahara, Miki, and Aya, in any order and combination (YWPD)
  • Manami & Miyahara
  • Sansaka
  • ManaTe (this isnt even baiting, this is just throwing me a bone if you prompt anything for my ride and die otp)
  • Weird NozoNico or HonoEli (where'd that lovelive come from weird)
  • Any character focused prompts, especially for Chinatsu, Manami, Miyahara, Miki, or Ringi.

I like blues, melodrama, night, body horror, hatemance, absurd space odysseys, monsters and witches, big AUs and small scenes, character focused concepts, and big interior works.  I'm all about gender and mental illness and trauma.  I Hashtag Love Blood.  I am big into suicide and suicide themes.  I'm BIG into RGU and Princess Tutu AUs.

I am not into one-sided hate/rivalry, I am /not/ into rivalry that involves one person always hurting/beating the other, and when it comes to murder, I kind of need both parties to die if it's gonna be good.  I cannot do terminal illness or hospital-related death. 


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