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 Heyas and thank you for taking the time to read my letter!  Hopefully this beginning of the year will be nice haha.

My Do Not Wants are mostly only - I don't like anything explicit.  I'm really not a big fan of sex in gen, but certain series (ie, RGU and YKA) have a focus on qualities as such.  I'm not a big fan of happy gushy romance, it mostly makes me feel weird ^^;;;  Also, no character death related to medical issues, no terminal illness, no "hospital is the end of your life."  

What I enjoy tends to be - character pieces, meta-fic, Weird AUs, witches, monsters, time loops, passive aggression, and an attachment to fairness even in the face of troubles.  I really enjoy found family and slowburn quiet romance, trapped at the edges of things.  I also like blackrom/rivalmancy.  I really appreciate trans HCs, but only if other people like writing them.  I LOVE DANCE MORE THAN ANYTHING, ALSO, PROBABLY.

Yurikuma Arashi
  • LuluKureha - I love focused exploration on their direct experience with grief & loss.  I love Lulu's secret past as a princess coming out, as a prompt.  The two of them Going Out and Kureha enjoying herself as a person while showing Lulu around at the normal world.  I love anything where Lulu gets a chance to be safe and happy, but particularly still within the strange bounds of the rules they've always had to live with.
  • SumikaKureha - I really want Sumika explored.  I love in-canon and missing scenes with them, especially on Sumika's awareness of the invisible storm, and who she was before Kureha.  I would love canon divergence where Sumika didn't die - where Ginko maybe reached out to save her - and complications therein.  I love anything that allows Sumika to be a part of more.
  • The OT3 - I love post-series fic of Kureha and Ginko not giving up on Lulu, even in the face of the scars of the Invisible Storm.  I love stuff focusing on Lulu POV.  I would adore missing scenes extending out their relationship together in Kureha's house, going to school, building tensions alongside genuine love. 

Utena: I love trauma exploration. 
  • Anthy/Utena - the easy otp.  I'd love allegory about existing outside the school as well as each other.  I'm a big fan of witch magic and the metaphor of "the living dead."  I really love the movie's presence, and potential further exploration of the fractured house of mirrors that it exists as for both Utena and Anthy.  I love missing scene conceits, Anthy's abuse under Utena's nose, and Anthy introducing Utena to some of /her/ hobbies.  I love Utena in college, fumbling with the magical realism intonations of trauma.  I love when they're frustrated at each other.
  • Utena & and / Wakaba - I love fic about them being friends, about them meeting, about them influencing each other, and especially about Wakaba after Utena leaves.  I love the two of them ending up together years down the line, like it was the silliest question of a joke you shouldn't have considered.  I love Wakaba's family being a place for Utena to be.  I enjoy meta exploration wrt Wakaba's black rose issues, and Saionji as a stand-in for Utena.  I also love Wakaba being in every club, and dragging Utena along to all of them as well.
  • Mikage & Utena - I desperately want Utena to encounter Mikage upon leaving the academy.  I'd love for him to be a professor or TA at a university she attends, encounters on the bus, echoes of things that didn't really happen in each other.  I love Utena and Mikage as powerful mirrors of people and situations, and I want Utena to have a place to land on her feet.  And I want Mikage to be able to have grown after all was said and done, in the dark halls of eternity.  Mistrust but fairness.  I would also /love/ trans Mikage, post-series.
  • Anthy & Wakaba - my other favorite parallel.  The two girls who love Utena Tenjou, whose existences stand as endangering the other.  I would love a meta exploration of their parallels, witches, princesses, and Wakaba's issue of choosing herself when no one else does.  I love that in-series, Anthy figured this would go down, but she was still so surprised in the duel.  There was no duelist so willing to be here as Wakaba, and Utena refused to raise a sword to her.  I'd love to see Anthy's own messy feelings about Utena's "best friend," and Wakaba's mixed feelings as well, especially as the two of them are left in the shadow of Utena's disappearance.  I also really love this mixed with Utena/Wakaba, but not for angst sake.
  • Anthy/Akio - I like exploration of abuse.  If writing this, I'd prefer it be mixed alongside at least one other relationship, in some small degree.  I like the horror of normalcy in the face of what someone has done to you, and the discomforting surrealism of seeing the brother you once knew interacting so gently with other people.  I love this as horror above all else.  I'd really love the issue of the movie addressed here as well, Akio's death bringing the weight of the world upon Anthy, and the feeling of surviving the person who killed you.

Ballroom e Youkoso - as I said, I love Chinatsu Hiyama, Heh.
  • Akira/Chinatsu - I prefer this explored as unrequited, and missing scenes, but I am easily swung by them being adults.  Having Akira grow through her dependency upon Chinatsu, and for Chinatsu to feel less of the weight of demand and commitment.  I'd love them learning other forms of dance together.  I'd love the two of them teaching children to dance.  I even really enjoy melodrama about Akira confronting Chinatsu about not being straight - being sick of her longest friend, the person she loves and considers so strong, running circles around potentials, regardless of the two of them dating.
  • Chinatsu/Mako - A good rom I like a lot.  I really liked the moment in the manga where Mako was talking about her struggles remaining in dance, despite being considered one of the top in her division, and Chinatsu was shocked to hear - when she took it for granted, that Mako was this incredible.  I love Chinatsu being bitter but open to someone who has struggled as much as Mako - I love Mako being a reason Chii starts to actually want to fight for this position, for following, for other girls.  I love space opera nonsense, here, I love Chinatsu cross-dressing and dancing with Mako, I love masquerade balls.
  • Tatara/Chinatsu - Fake-het murder comedy of errors.  I love the two of them being ridiculous but dragging each other forward.  I fucking /love/ rivalmancy.  And when I say, "I would love them accidentally on purpose murdering a judge/competitor/something," I am being.  Too serious.  I love the gallows humor in trying to cover up such a thing, and the two of them arguing like this is something that just any dance pair does. 

The Adventure Zone
  • Julia/Magnus - I want fic about Julia.  About her growing up, about her adulthood, about her and Magnus against tyrants.  About her post-death, about her and the Raven Queen, and her continued concern for her husband.  I said about everything I really hope for with that in my request, so this is more, "I love Julia and that she loves Magnus, and that she is an incredible woman and she probably influenced him so fucking much."  I would love them dancing, I would love her shocking Magnus with her ability to get to people.  I would love her chatting up Istus despite not believing in gods either, I would love canon divergence of her going out of town with Magnus on that fateful day, I would love roleswap with Magnus of her being a part of THB (Tres Horny Broads), just about anything as long as it was focused on her.

YWPD - I requested quite a few relationships for this, just because I really like pedal.
  • AshiYuu - I love their mentorship, so I love AUs where they're thrown into nonsensical situations, especially as monsters.  Ashikiba calling Yuuto a tengu is an absolute favorite line of mine, inasmuch as Yuuto falling back and forth between appreciating Ashikiba and struggling with doubt.  I love a Yuuto who is adamant about defending Ashikiba, and an Ashikiba who is still edging around understanding what it takes to help other people.
  • DouMana -  For this, more than /anything/, I love political arranged marriage metaphors/literal AUs, in relation to them needing to be the people to take over as HKGK's captain/vice.  No romance, maybe, but a strange friendship born of respect, even mixed as it is with frustration.  I love how annoyingly nonsensical Manami can be to someone as straight-laced as Doubashi pretends to be.  Despite. Doubashi being Ridiculous himself.  I love the both of them having a devotion to making the team win that makes them both mutually and terrifyingly dangerous together - as a dynamic.
  • ManaMiya - My favorite weird childhood friends.  Big prompts are Miyahara as a witch or priest with her undead charge, Manami.  Miyahara wandering through the land of the dead.  Miyahara visiting Manami in the hospital.  Manami teaching Miyahara how to make chocolates for Valentine's Day.  Things focused on Miyahara, in general.  I love anything that involves the two of them being kind to each other in romance troubles, too, though preferably not dating each other.
  • SanSaka - A Good Romance.  I love post-high school, the two of them growing closer together.  I LOVE THE TWO OF THEM DANCING BADLY TOGETHER at balls ... parties ... I love domesticity pieces of arguments and learning how different they are.  I really like Onoda getting openly frustrated about what Manami hides, and the two of them honestly talking.  I love AUs, canon divergence, and overdrawn allegories about the trouble of emotional distance.  I love anything where it takes them a while to reach, but they Still Do.
  • ManaTe - ...I really love Rivals.  But.  All I /really/ need is petulant Manami and stubbornly determined Teshima.  But prompts: dancing together and doing it well, singing together well, weird mutual monsters who suck at being monsters, time loops where they're both stuck in it together.
  • TadoTou - I Love Rivals.  I love the two of them coming together post-high school due to weird similarities, but also coming to head for their differences.  I love AUs with cooking and talent shows, as well as meta about kids expected to take over the family business.  I love sea AUs and space AUs and, as ever, dance.  I love both of them being teachers who collaborate, in any field.
  • MikiMiya - Let Miki Ride A Bike but dont necessarily force Miyahara to.  I love Miki's business sensibilities getting along with Miyahara's logical world view, but I also love her awful crush on bike obsessed weirdos to haunt her.  I love post-high school, I love magical realism about names (especially Miyahara without hers), and I love the two of them connecting on childhood friends.
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