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Jan. 5th, 2016 05:12 pm
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mostly for aozo to know what fills i've posted.  also since i dont really care about people knowing what i post as long as it isnt directly noted on most of the posts lmao.  just dont want to ... call attention to myself or my existence ... The usuaaaaal
  1. imaizumi danron AU (character death, 3k~ words) (Edited AO3 crosspost)
  2. sansaka "Manami is a ghost" (2.6k words)
  3. aokabu toriel+frisk (1.2k words) (Edited AO3 crosspost)
  4. ayamiki "miki on a cycling team" (866 words)
  5. ashinaru "short people closer to hell" (631 words)
  6. onoda "still dreams of being a magical princess" (742 words)
  7. manate snowman+spades slick (3.1k words) (Edited AO3 crosspost)
  8. manamidou "devil in disguise" (on this one i forgot my frigging anon number so i guess i cant get points but WHATEVER i dont actually care. its just ten points ^^;;;) (1.8k words)
  9. aoyagi "antlers and gender" (1.2k words) (Edited AO3 crosspost, 1.4k)
  10. sakateshi, OPM au business (2k words) (Edited AO3 crosspost)
  11. manami+maki team swap (1.2k words)
  12. shikiba and jun-chan terrible kiss (2.4k words) (Edited AO3 crosspost, 2.7k)
  13. manamidou and a mess of enabling self-destruction (~2k words) (this one has some gore/violence warns) (Edited AO3 crosspost)
  14. tado+onoda, on being a magical girl (1.6k words)
  15. manate blackrom fusion (2.8k i think ???) (vaguely Edited AO3 crosspost)
  16. manate "begin again" au thing (1.3k i think)
  17. manate "breaks manami's wings" (1.6k mb) (Edited AO3 crosspost - 5k)
  18. manami+miki "on bikes and being as such" (700 words)

these need so much fucking editing lmao 

plus there's so much on so many of these wherein i want to Add to them hgelsvjkdksv
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