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Location:United States of America
The name is Chess, I am 23, and I typically attempt to write. Current main attraction fandom is almost wholly Yowamushi Pedal. I also really like Teppuu and Ballroom e Youkoso when it comes to sport manga. I enjoy a bunch of other things. I can most easily be contacted through Twitter, or, well. Here, I suppose. I like to use headcanon pronouns for characters a lot, since I love a wide variety of trans HCs, but function well enough even with canon pronouns when it comes to writing.

Non-sport animanga wise, I'm fond of Dangan Ronpa, Princess Tutu, Utena, and Steven Universe. And various books.

I tend to write things more about gender, mental illness, trauma, and suicide. That might not sound fitting for sport animanga fic. Oh Well. The monkey's paw.
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