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a compilation of allmy fills from saso 2015.  

BR1 fills
  1. Aoyagi Hajime/Izumida Touichirou, G, trans characters (aoyagi doesnt know if she can trust izumida)
  2. Manami Sangaku/Teshima Junta, T, trans characters (manami and teshima go out for!  lunch! :)))))))
  3. Naruko Shoukichi & Kinjou Shingo, G (naruko is tired in the tent)
  4. Shinkai Hayato & Usakichi, G (meta with regards to a rabbit)
  5. Koga Kimitaka & Teshima Junta, G, trans characters (end of their 2nd year - mistrust)
  6. Kanzaki Miki/Miyahara, G (miyahara tries to date miki in ways she might like) 
  7. Manami Sangaku/Onoda Sakamichi, G, trans characters (manami cant forgive that onoda forgives them)
  8. Fukutomi Juichi & Manami Sangaku, G, trans character (h)
  9. Imaizumi Shunsuke/Kinjou Shingo, T, trans character (trauma)
  10. Manami Sangaku/Teshima Junta, T, trans character (roadtrip)

BR2 fills
  1.  Pop Star ManaTe (in two parts, trans characters, 3670 words)
  2. Yuuto+Onoda BEE movie (art)
  3. AoKabu where aoyagi is a god (trans characters, 1623 words)
  4. ImaShin Pokemon (trans characters, animal death mention, 1538 words)
  5. manami loses to kuroda (trans character, 561 words)

BR3 fills
  1. ManaTe re: Blank Space, Rebels, and One Foot On The Gas The Other In The Grave (rated T, suicide ideation, 6290 words)  HOT SUMMARY: Manami and Teshima are partners as space frontier agents who do suicide missions and Teshima wants to quit. (PLEASE read the edited version on ao3 (7868 words)
  2. ManaTe re: homestuck music (rated T, HOMESTUCK AU, 1615 words)  HOT SUMMARY: Teshima tries too hard to captain a bunch of people who don't want it, including Manami.  This has less than desirable consequences in Sburb.
  3. ManaTe re: Murder Music (rated T, talks about murder+harassment a bunch, 2074 words)  HOT SUMMARY: Manami and Teshima are enforcers who get hired to kill people!  Yay!  Manami has murdered a lot of people for a lot of really upsetting reasons!  YAY!  Manami is weird.
  4. ManaTe re: Hell (rated T, a lot of bodies literally falling apart, 2211 words), HOT SUMMARY: Teshima goes out on garbage dates and one of them has a nasty tendency of very literally falling apart.  (I'd prefer the edited version of AO3 be read tho (2559 words))
  5. ManaTe re: HS music (rated G, 1167 words) HOT SUMMARY: "Just let me tell you about Homestuck," Teshima said.
  6. ManaTe re: Soft Stabs (rated T, 2123 words) HOT SUMMARY: Manami is a pissbrat musician who crashes Teshima's tiny indie bar concerts.
  7. ManaTe re: VOCALOID HELL (rated T, suicide warn (but no death promise), 2261 words) HOT SUMMARY: honestly manami what the fuck
  8. Ashikiba & Aoyagi & Doubashi re: Bad Covers of Famous Songs (rated G, trans characters, 826 words) HOT SUMMARY: Ashikiba struggles to figure out how to teach her friends about music.
  9. Manami Yuuto re: BEES (rated G, character death, art)

BR4 fills
  1. Doubashi Manami (487 words, rated T, trans characters) (manami is the worst salesperson)
  2. Miki + Machimiya (781 words, rated T, sexual harassment+violence) (this is actually mostly just miki being sad im sorry)
  3. ManaMidou (917 words, rated G, trans characters) (Mario Party Time)
  4. Koga/Komari (567 words, rated G, trans character) (vignette basically about age)
  5. Aoyagi/Teshima (666 words, rated G, trans characters) (just What the hell is teshima junta's hat)
  6. Naruko/Toudou (567 words, rated G, trans characters) (Imaizumi accidentally writes fanfiction in his head)
  7. ImaSaka (2037 words, rated G, trans character) (Onoda is a princess AU, kind of tutu/utena inspired, SORRY)
  8. Makishima/Kinjou (920 words, rated T) (Someone's a sucker here - wonder who it's gonna be?)
  9. FukuShin (828 words, rated G, trans character) (Fukutomi is someone of extremes and taking the hard way, but life is hard and Shinkai appreciates him very much)
  10. Sansaka (846 words, rated G, trans character) (Manami is very bad at allowing themself to exist by Onoda)
  11. Makishima/Kinjou (761 words, rated G, trans character) (Tadokoro gives Makishima her excuse to sit with Kinjou)
  12. Izumida/Teshima (864 words, rated G, trans character) (what sort of iron chef rip off is THIS)
  13. Kinjou & Onoda (706 words, rated G, trans character) (onoda tries on kinjou's glasses)
  14. Sansaka (1337 words, rated T, trans technically) (Fantasy AU - Onoda is lost in the forest and meets someone)
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