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2017-06-10 07:30 pm

SASO 2017 fills

  1.  Miki/Miyahara barista AU - 511 words
  2. Ballroom girls We Know The Devil AU - 2408 words
  3. ManaTe in Space Diplomats - 1025 words
  4. Teppu RGU au - 2391 words
  5. Ballroom RGU au - 761 words
  6. Chinatsu/Shizuku and dancing together - 523 words
  7. Manami (With a Gun) - 452 words

  1. Manami & Miyahara, swimming - 514 words 
  2. ManaTe weatherworking thunder - 588 words
  3. ManaTe weatherworking, heavy rain - 728 words

  1. manate but so soft redrom im just too soft.  how am i so soft .  im crying - 1178 words
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2017-05-13 01:20 pm

SASO time again

 Third year on the SASO wagon as per it goes

This year, I am dying for a chance to write Ballroom e Youkoso and Teppuu, so if you are someone not on team Miki/Miyahara and looking to bait, please, I will do just about anything - especially for the girls.

Characters I like
  • YWPD - Manami, Miyahara, Miki, Aya, Onoda, [grits my teeth] teshima.  I also like trying to write for less popular characters and Almost Any Manami Relationship.
  • Ballroom - all the girls.  all of them.  But especially Chinatsu and especially chinatsu relationships.
  • Teppuu - Ringi, Natsuo, Yuzuko, Karin, and I'd try for others.

I will gladly jump on any -
  • Chinatsu / or & anyone.  I mean it.  (Ballroom)
  • Akira & Mako (Ballroom)
  • Ringi & Yuzuko (Teppuu)
  • Ringi/Natsuo (Teppuu)
  • Miyahara, Miki, and Aya, in any order and combination (YWPD)
  • Manami & Miyahara
  • Sansaka
  • ManaTe (this isnt even baiting, this is just throwing me a bone if you prompt anything for my ride and die otp)
  • Weird NozoNico or HonoEli (where'd that lovelive come from weird)
  • Any character focused prompts, especially for Chinatsu, Manami, Miyahara, Miki, or Ringi.

I like blues, melodrama, night, body horror, hatemance, absurd space odysseys, monsters and witches, big AUs and small scenes, character focused concepts, and big interior works.  I'm all about gender and mental illness and trauma.  I Hashtag Love Blood.  I am big into suicide and suicide themes.  I'm BIG into RGU and Princess Tutu AUs.

I am not into one-sided hate/rivalry, I am /not/ into rivalry that involves one person always hurting/beating the other, and when it comes to murder, I kind of need both parties to die if it's gonna be good.  I cannot do terminal illness or hospital-related death. 
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2017-01-05 10:11 pm

Chocolate Box Exchange

 Heyas and thank you for taking the time to read my letter!  Read more... )
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2016-12-18 06:11 pm
Entry tags:

occupational choking hazards

A twine based short story about not being made for the job you landed as a teen.

~3.5k words, no branching paths.  Do keep in mind content warnings, due to being about actively triggering material.
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2016-07-06 10:21 pm

SASO 2016 - fills compilation

I decided to delete my other posts and compile all my fills in one post since it's not too many.

Blanket permission to remix anything here.  Anything not posted to AO3 is unedited but that's okay.

  1. Teshima and Mitani have an uncomfortable time - 1k words 
  2. Teshima loses to Koga  - 1.7k words - edited ao3 - 2.1k words
  3. Remember when it turned out Teshima was in an idol group and i was fucking Furious - Art Fill
  4. Teshima sings a vengeful song at Manami! Or is this just my image of Macross in a fic - 2.6k words - edited ao3 - 3.5k words
  5. Remember VAMPIRE MANATE  - 1.2k words 

  1. In which Teshima is a cyberpunk thief and Onoda is incredibly biased - 2.5k words  AO3 crosspost - 3k words

  1.  Ringi & Yuzuko - May the best one win!  (1.5k - crosspost 1.5 k)
  2. sansaka - Please.  Please take it back.  (4.5k, Fuck Me And My Entire Life) - AO3 crosspost - 5.6k words
  3. manate - Manami's Enviable Leg Collection (an art, in which i still hate drawing teshima)

BR4: remember when i said i wasnt finishing anything in the two week period, i lied
  1. yuuto and ashikiba travel through phones (1.5k)

BR5: hahaha guesswhat its time for
  1. sansaka in eyes of death hospital times.  ever seen kara no kyoukai? - 2.5k (crosspost - 4.6k words)
  2. manate PETULANT DOLPHIN MEETS DYING JACKASS - 3.1k (ao3 crosspost 3.4k)
  3. miyahara visits the underworld - 600 words (crosspost - 1k words)
  4. manate.  teshima's a fallen star and i hate myself.  - 8k words (crosspost - 11.3k words)
  5. miyahara and her undead charge - 550 words

BR6: i dont know what im doing
  1. re: chimako that sarah drew - 500 words (crosspost - 900 words)
  2. re: hogwarts elihono by wei - 729 words
  3. re: manami and toudou in some circumstance by wes - 1200 words (crosspost - 1.4k words)
  4. re: time traveling ayamiki and imashin by ps - 1000 words (crosspost - 1.7k words)
  5. re: the world ending with manate, originally by christa - 2200 words
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2016-02-16 03:39 am

Let Me Attempt To Sell You On Ballroom e Youkoso

It's difficult (for me) to talk about Ballroom E Youkoso.

The ballroom dancesport focused manga has been written & drawn by Takeuchi Tomo since 2011 (her first serialized manga), and it's one that has quickly found a place in my heart - despite both itself and my typical frustrations for the genre.  On one hand, it is absolutely refreshing to see a sport manga with an actively balanced cast in terms of gender, wherein there are always complicated dynamics going on between the young men and women present within competitions.  On the other hand, an unfortunate trapping of the genre tends to be that if they do include any women, then sexism & misogyny become near-inescapable additions.

As a short introduction of the manga itself - it follows Fujita Tatara, a 3rd year in junior high with no particular interests or dreams for the future. One day, while putting off forms for high school yet again, he sees that a classmate of his - Hanaoka Shizuku - has also been putting off high school registration. As he walks home, an encounter with bullies leads to him being rescued by the owner of a local dance studio - and against all odds, to find that Shizuku herself dances here.

She is not so welcoming or aimless as he assumed she was when he saw her in the school's office.


From there, it moves along the lines one most expects of the genre - Tatara finds a drive and dream in trying to succeed in ballroom dancesport, and moves along the trials & tribulations demanded of that world.  What ultimately makes it stand out as its own story in the genre is rooted in - 
  1. Being about competitive ballroom dancing, obviously, complete with excitingly kinetic art to supplement its tone
  2. Being about what is a two-person team, tight and focused on particular relationships
  3. The complicated dynamic that forms main partnership, an intense rivalry between a young man and a young woman who are both talented, but in almost opposite ways for what they are both wanted to be in the dance world.

I say, "I want to sell people on this manga."  But I almost feel bad trying to do that.  I honestly don't want to convince people to read something that might make them uncomfortable or frustrated.  I don't want people to feel like they need to read stressful media, when from what I see of the sport animanga fandom tends to want a chance to chill out with fun & dramatic works, wherein they have the potential to add or remove conflict as they see fit.  I think the flaws of this manga can be more trouble than they're worth, for people who just want a break.

So, if nothing else, I'll say this - if you want a sport manga that treats women's issues in the sport world with decent respect, do read Teppuu.  Teppuu, while written & drawn by a man, does have a wide diversity in women's body types, is a cast of almost entirely women, and even its "fanservice" isn't anything particularly bad. Ballroom teases such issues, but doesn't sit on them or give them much levity, the fanservice is much more blantantly obvious, it coddles the men in its cast, but - if you can overlook it like me, for the sake of liking series about dance, or the women, or the cast at large, then maybe you'll find something here, too.

I'll chat it up more here at the cut. )
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2016-01-22 01:24 pm
Entry tags:

2015 Writing Reflection meme

i should say, first, that this is quite a ramble and incredibly melodramatic, as well as self-indulgent, as I just started going on about manate (as i do) while discussing my favorite fic I wrote this year.  this is honestly a really navel-gazing mess but i wrote this up a few weeks ago and kept adding to it when i was bored over the weeks, until it was this.  so i should really just post it now.

Read more... )
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2016-01-05 05:12 pm
Entry tags:

swag fills

mostly for aozo to know what fills i've posted.  also since i dont really care about people knowing what i post as long as it isnt directly noted on most of the posts lmao.  just dont want to ... call attention to myself or my existence ... The usuaaaaal Read more... )
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2015-06-13 04:16 pm

SASO 2015 fills

a compilation of allmy fills from saso 2015.  
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